Non-verbal Communication

This is a paper on non-verbal communication and what we can learn from it. You are to write a 3 page paper (not including title and reference pages so a total of 5 pages) in proper APA 7th Edition format. For your paper, please take a look at the videos and article presented that are linked below. Pay particular attention to the video and article, as you watch/read, take notes on some of the topics […]

Importance of Strategic Human Resource Management

Prepare a presentation with speaker notes and a briefing report in which you should: Explain the importance of Strategic Human Resource Management (HRM) and how you could add value to the ClubHouse. You should discuss how strategic HRM could be linked with other departments. Explain the Strategic Human Resource services you could provide to the ClubHouse and their purposes. Analyse the factors that the ClubHouse should consider before embarking on the renovation and restructure. Determine […]

Spiritual or Religious Values and Traditions

What spiritual or religious values and traditions underscore concern for environmental health? Discuss the role of spiritual or faith-based institutions in environmental stewardship. How have these spiritual or ministerial efforts supported local public health initiatives? What collaborative efforts have been made in environmental health, both locally and globally, with regard to spiritual or faith-based collaboration?

inflation increase on the price of food in Europe in Post-COVID era

The topic is “the impact of the inflation increase on the price of food in Europe in Post-COVID era. 1-2 defining food groups (i.e. meat, grains, fruits and vegetables, etc.) focusing on 1-3 countries must be employed, it cannot just be “overall increase for all foods in all of Europe,” it has to be specific. I highly stress the need for ACADEMIC sources, not just articles online from experts in the field. Must be academic […]

Gibbs’ eflective cycle

Instructor’s Points Assessment (10%) Write a reflection on the prompt below. Your reflection should be between 500 to 700 words long. The response should go beyond the obvious and provide an in-depth reflection on your work; it should be about your personalized experiences and should include specific examples from the work you have done this semester (for instance specific references to your written projects, specific sources that you found helpful, specific ideas that you explored, or […]

The Big Picture

To prepare for this Discussion: Draw upon the knowledge and skills you have developed throughout your program. Consider your experiences with and knowledge of organizational culture. Consider the idea of an organization being mission driven or purpose driven. ***Follow the Week 1 Discussion Rubric for this paper. Post your analysis of the role of culture, mission, and purpose in an organization’s strategy, to include the following: In your own words, briefly explain what strategy is and […]

Review the articles by Peltzer Preez Ramlagan & Fomundam

Review the articles by Peltzer, Preez, Ramlagan, & Fomundam (2008) (Links to an external site.) and Westrom, Maiers, Evans, & Bronfort (2010) (Links to an external site.), and select one to use as the basis of your assignment.  In your paper: Describe the population being researched in this study. Summarize the methods used to identify the sample and recruit participants into the study. Compare the study sample to the population. Evaluate whether or not the study sample accurately reflects the […]

Safe Spaces and Free Speech Zones

Sarah Hemphill discusses “safe spaces” (par. 1) and “free speech zones” (par. 3) in her essay “What Happened to Free Speech on College Campuses?”  Does HCC provide safe spaces or limit political discourse on campus to free speech zones?  Are such policies as common as Hemphill suggests?  Use the Internet to search the current state of speech codes at HCC and also at Lone Star College, San Jacinto College, the University of Houston, and Rice […]

Cognitive, Physical, Behavioral, or Emotional

For this SLP assignment, you will choose one disorder from the four major categories of stress (cognitive, physical, behavioral, or emotional) as shown in the table below. Please review the SLP Assignment Expectations below. Remember this is a presentation assignment. You do not need to write long paragraphs of information on each slide; however, do provide enough text to convey each of the topics below. Use images throughout your presentation to support the research; however, […]

Key Coding and Classification Systems

Week 5 Activity – Key Coding and Classification Systems Overview In healthcare, it is important to understand the use of classification systems, nomenclature, and clinical vocabularies. In this activity, you will learn about the key coding and classification systems used by clinicians, insurance carriers, state and federal regulatory organizations, and researchers. Instructions For this activity, you will need to understand the uses for coded clinical data, why it is important that coding be accurate, the […]

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