Cognitive, Physical, Behavioral, or Emotional

For this SLP assignment, you will choose one disorder from the four
major categories of stress (cognitive, physical, behavioral, or
emotional) as shown in the table below. Please review the SLP
Assignment Expectations below. Remember this is a presentation
assignment. You do not need to write long paragraphs of information on
each slide; however, do provide enough text to convey each of the
topics below. Use images throughout your presentation to support the
research; however, the images themselves should not stand alone on the
slide without explanation.

Your assignment will be to develop a PowerPoint presentation that
includes the following:

Slide 1
Title Slide with Name, Course, and Date

Slide 2 – Introduction
Topics to be covered in outline form

Slides 3-5
Choose one disorder from the table above. Briefly describe your chosen
disorder. What are the symptoms of your chosen disorder? How does
stress affect/cause/manifest/enhance this condition? How many people
are affected by the disorder? Describe how your chosen disorder is
associated with its main category of stress from the table (i.e., how
is insomnia sometimes a cognitive condition?).

Slide 6
Describe how your chosen disorder overlaps with the other categories
of stress listed from the table (i.e., obesity may be influenced by
behavioral styles such as overeating in reaction to stress, but there
may be emotional components as well).

Slides 7-8
Choose and describe one occupation at high risk for stress
(firefighter, policeman, trauma nurse, service member, air traffic
controller, etc). What are the main causes for your chosen
occupation’s stress? How does this stress affect their ability to
perform? (Be sure to incorporate aspects of physical, emotional,
cognitive, and/or behavioral functions). Include an image representing
your chosen occupation.

Slide 9 – Conclusion
Summarize your project findings.

Slide 10—References
APA Format

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