Gibbs’ eflective cycle

  1. Instructor’s Points Assessment (10%)

Write a reflection on the prompt below. Your reflection should be between 500 to 700 words long. The response should go beyond the obvious and provide an in-depth reflection on your work; it should be about your personalized experiences and should include specific examples from the work you have done this semester (for instance specific references to your written projects, specific sources that you found helpful, specific ideas that you explored, or specific experiences, etc.). Please note that you should not only describe but also evaluate and draw conclusions based on the experience(s) that you had. No secondary sources are to be used for the reflection.


You can use Gibbs’ reflective cycle headings:

  1. Description (describe the situation giving specific and relevant details.)
  2. Feelings (thoughts and feelings before, during, and after)
  3. Evaluation (what was successful/went well? Not successful/went badly)
  4. Analysis (reasons for successes and failures)
  5. Conclusion (what did you learn from this – positive and negative)
  6. Action Plan (what will you do in the future based on what you learned from the experience)


What have you learned in this course which was totally new or how have you refined previous skills in new writing contexts? How do you think you can transfer your writing knowledge to your work in major courses as well as in future professional or personal contexts?

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– useful information:

* in this course, we learned how to write an argumentative essay and a text analysis essay, I will attach both essays for you to reflect the experience you’re going to talk about on, I hope this was understandable, make sure you highlight the experiences you’re gonna write about in green so that I know.

* My major is information security.

* This is my third semester at the university.

* This is my third English subject at the university.

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