Safe Spaces and Free Speech Zones

Sarah Hemphill discusses “safe spaces” (par. 1) and “free speech zones” (par. 3) in her essay “What Happened to Free Speech on College Campuses?”  Does HCC provide safe spaces or limit political discourse on campus to free speech zones?  Are such policies as common as Hemphill suggests?  Use the Internet to search the current state of speech codes at HCC and also at Lone Star College, San Jacinto College, the University of Houston, and Rice University.   Summarize the content of such codes, which may include definitions of offensive language, harassment policies, or lists of penalties for noncompliance.  Then discuss whether you approve or disapprove of the implementation of speech codes in college settings.  Do you feel they infringe on individuals’ First Amendment rights, for instance, or do you think they’re a necessary tool in protecting the rights of minority students?  Or perhaps your opinion lies somewhere in between the two extremes.  (You may need to narrow your response to a particular aspect of the codes you investigate).  You must write a minimum of 17-19 sentences.  Also, you must respond to two other posts to receive credit for this discussion.

You also have to write at least two students’ responses regarding their post. When the students post their discussion I will copy and paste in the chat box. You can write 5 sentences for each response

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