Importance of Strategic Human Resource Management

Prepare a presentation with speaker notes and a briefing report in which you should:

  • Explain the importance of Strategic Human Resource Management (HRM) and how

you could add value to the ClubHouse. You should discuss how strategic HRM

could be linked with other departments.

  • Explain the Strategic Human Resource services you could provide to the

ClubHouse and their purposes.

  • Analyse the factors that the ClubHouse should consider before embarking on the

renovation and restructure.

  • Determine some preliminary HR requirements for the organisation considering

the new contract.

Delivery and Submission:

  • 1x Presentation file (including references) with speaker notes (500 words)
  • 1x Briefing Report (500 words) excluding TOC, diagrams, references and appendices


Task 2


You therefore need to prepare:

  • An outline of a Human Resource plan.
  • A memo concerning the importance of HR policy – the memo should provide

examples of regulatory, legal and ethical concerns that should be covered within the

policy ie living wage vs minimum wage, maternity cover, Equality Act 2010,

termination of employment etc.) which would be important to the ClubHouse.

Delivery and Submission:

  • 1x HR plan (1000 words) excluding TOC, diagrams, references and appendices
  • 1x HR memo (500 words)


Task 3

Having done all of the preliminary work for the ClubHouse, you should now write a

report in which you should:

  • Examine the impact of different management and leadership theories on

organisational strategy and structure.

  • Describe the impact of organisational strategies, structures and culture on the

management of HR

Determine the effectiveness of the current ClubHouse HRM, and critically discuss the

link between leadership & management and HRM.

  • Present an analysis of how the existing culture and structure of the ClubHouse might

impact on the success of the ClubHouse project and the motivation of the staff.

  • Explain how you would develop, monitor and evaluate a leadership strategy that

supports the development or revision of the ClubHouse organisational mission, vision,

values and objectives.

Delivery and Submission:

  • 1x Report (2000 words) excluding TOC, diagrams, references and appendices
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