Patient, Family, or Population Health Problem

Patient, Family, or Population Health Problem In a 5-7 page written assessment, define the patient, family, or population health problem that will be the focus of your capstone project. Assess the problem from a leadership, collaboration, communication, change management, and policy perspective. Plan to spend approximately 2 direct practicum hours meeting with a patient, family, or group of your choice to explore the problem and, if desired, consulting with subject matter and industry experts. Document […]


Remediation  1. What is syrup of ipecac, why do we not give it to children, cite page number in book and do research beyond the textbook. Provide URL for the article you found to support why we do not give syrup of ipecac to children. 2. Describe anatomically and physiologically what happens in our bodies when children / adults vomit. 3. Describe why daily laxatives or enemas are not used on 9 month olds. Cite […]

Preschool Observation

This is the same as the Infant/Toddler observation This observation task is an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to apply Child Development concepts and terminology. It is not intended to be an assessment of the child’s abilities or behavior. Here are two youtube clips. Each is less than 10 minutes. Choose one and use the observation worksheet to describe what you see. Try not to interpret, but describe. A Word version of the template is […]

Cultural factors and Health beliefs

Cultural factors/health beliefs that impact your chosen global health topic. TOPIC (Tuberculosis in the Philippines) -Select one model/theory of health behavior and apply it to your chosen global health topic. -If applicable to your topic, select complementary and integrative health (CIH) practices of various cultural groups. -Describe how health beliefs impact CIH. -Discuss the professional opportunities available in the global health field. -Review some of the many different pathways to a career in global health. […]

Rain Hill Orienteering Club

Rain Hill Orienteering Club (RHOC), an unincorporated association, is a member of the Regional Victorian Foot Orienteering League (RVFOL), also an unincorporated association.  RHOC organizes age group orienteering teams to compete against other clubs in the RVFOL.   The agreement between the RVFOL and all its member clubs (including RHOC) state the rules of the RVFOL and the provisions of its constitution ‘shall operate as an agreement binding every affiliated club’.  Helen Lu, a member of […]

Adequacy of Moral Reasoning

1. What are the three criteria used to evaluate the adequacy of moral reasoning? (5%) 2. A person has a right when that person is entitled to act in a certain way or is entitled to have others act in certain way toward him or her. Explain the two (2) types of right and their characteristics. (5%) 3. Karl Marx is the most famous critic of capitalism or the free market economy. According Marx, capitalism […]

New accounting program

New accounting program A local school board approves a new accounting program to be implemented at a series of secondary levels within the state. Money for the program will come from two different sources; public expenditures budget and school initiatives budget. The board is willing to pay at least one-third of what comes out of the school initiatives budget from its public expenditures budget. Since this program is considered an initiative, the government commands that […]

US macro data: Q1 2002 to Q4 2018

Year Quarter lgdp lcons 2002 1 8.090727405 7.693344439 2002 2 8.12074481 7.72093452 2002 3 8.132059982 7.729213877 2002 4 8.150086309 7.769002535 2003 1 8.114433022 7.717169235 2003 2 8.14116416 7.750348662 2003 3 8.160887893 7.764183474 2003 4 8.18940026 7.805388232 2004 1 8.156672577 7.761059352 2004 2 8.182812167 7.784881808 2004 3 8.193427879 7.794406261 2004 4 8.222503422 7.844228958 2005 1 8.190303099 7.792566489 2005 2 8.216992014 7.823049915 2005 3 8.234528909 7.834903257 2005 4 8.251790155 7.874189545 2006 1 8.226165529 7.827541096 2006 2 8.253569775 […]

You are a Marketing Manager in a company.

Scenario  You are a Marketing Manager in a company. Your job is to create a marketing plan based on the chosen product below, demonstrating your knowledge and implementation of the SIX CORE principles of marketing. Choose a product listed below and develop a marketing plan that you would use to launch your product and ‘win’ your business over the competition. (The company names are existing, but the product listed that you will be focusing on […]

Rate of electromagnetic radiation

A nearby star that was recently discovered and found to have a surface temperature of 3,042 K and a radius of 15.4% of the Sun’s radius. After continuous observations, scientists observed periodic dips in the light of the star and determined that a planet was orbiting around it at 48.57 mAU. a) Calculate the rate of electromagnetic radiation from the surface of this star.   [3 pts]   b) Calculate the radiation flux at the planet’s distance.   [3 pts] […]

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