Application of Psycology

Purpose The purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to see how psychology applies to your different aspects of life. By this point in the class, you should have become aware of how you interact with psychology daily. Understanding this connection between your life and psychology is one of the core objectives of this class. Below is a link to the psychology research section in the Ivy Tech Online Library. Psychology Research […]

Social justice issue

1. Social justice issue of concern and/or current event in society? Additional clarifying details: think about social justice issues of concern and/or current event in society that pulls your attention. Consider applying information from assigned readings, videos, course assignments, and your own understanding of prejudice, power and privilege. 2. What is cultural competence in social work practice? Additional clarifying details: provide your explanation / understanding of cultural competence, including your learning amassed to date through […]

Communicating Pricing to Patients Discussion

Assignment Details Description Week 6 Discussion – Responsibility Who’s responsibility is it to communicate pricing to patients (hospitals, government, insurance companies, physicians, others)? POST Read: Play Week 6 Overview PowerPointALEXANDER, SHERI. “Next Steps And New Tools: Transparency And Reference-Based Pricing.” Employee Benefit Plan Review 68.5 (2013): 20-21. in Course Resources>eReserves Lambert Paul. Haggard, Mary, “Develop your distribution strategy”, Managed Healthcare Executive. May 15, 2013. Available online at: Online Text:  Core Concepts in Marketing — […]

Development of Social Cognitive Learning Theory

The following discussion question should be answered in full in at least 250 words. Students then must respond to at least two peers. After watching both of this week’s “Crash Course” videos, explain your understanding of the development of social cognitive learning theory. Why is modeling such a powerful tool for learning? What do you see as the positive and negative consequences of this type of learning? How does this bring attention to the responsibility […]

Air Canada’s IT Strategies

For this assignment, use Karimi-Alaghehband and Rivard’s 2014 case study about Air Canada, and Luftman and Kempaiah’s 2007 article, “An Update on Business-IT Alignment: ‘A Line’ Has Been Drawn.” The other readings for the unit will also be useful as you evaluate Air Canada’s strategies. Please respond to the following questions: The outsourcing approach and the IT department structure at Air Canada changed often between 1994 and 2011, when Air Canada signed its first contract […]

Competency 3 – Assessment

Question #1: Consider your current or previous place of employment. How could you use a process improvement technique to solve an operational issue or concern? Why do you think customer service processes are so important within organizations? Provide a specific example of how you could use a supply chain plan or diagram in order to maximize value. Question #2: What specific assignments or learning activities from this course did you find particularly beneficial? What do […]

Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl

First, briefly discuss the historical importance of the American slave narrative as literary genre using Jacobs’ Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl. Next, cite an event, image/descriiption, or passage of dialogue from the selected chapters made the greatest impression on you, and explain why. Finally, address any one of the prompts below in your main response. ***Jacobs repeatedly refers to religion, specifically Christianity, in her text. Use examples from the text to illustrate […]

Air Pollution in Atlanta

A basic component of academic research is the annotated bibliography. The annotated bibliography is a list of the sources you have found so far. The list is in alphabetical order as it would be on your reference page and includes a full citation for each source as it would appear on your reference page. However, in addition, an annotated bibliography includes an annotation for each source, which is basically a summary of the source and […]

Interdisciplinary Project

For this assignment, students use their chosen topic from Assignment 1 to complete an 4-6 page interdisciplinary based paper. Students should complete the following parts: Introduction that describes the interdisciplinary project topic you have chosen Incorporate at least 3 different disciplinary perspectives integrated in an interdisciplinary nature to explain the issue from multiple angles of understanding. Discuss how a stakeholder can use the results from your study to promote some type of social change, or […]

literary analysis

Write a five-page literary analysis of your interpretation of  the author’s purpose in the primary source that you are analyzing: A Raisin in the Sun.  The works cited page should be placed on the top of the last page of the paper, page 6 or  more. Consider narrowing the focus of your analysis to an issue that you want to investigate to interpret the resolution of the conflict. Then, state your claim or argument  about […]

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