New accounting program

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New accounting program

A local school board approves a new accounting program to be implemented at a series of secondary levels within the state. Money for the program will come from two different sources; public expenditures budget and school initiatives budget. The board is willing to pay at least one-third of what comes out of the school initiatives budget from its public expenditures budget. Since this program is considered an initiative, the government commands that at least RM5,000 comes from the school initiatives budget. Both budgets are partially funded by federal emergency funding. For the public expenditures budget, the percentage is 53% and 26% for the school initiatives budget. In order to properly use the emergency funding, the state would like to minimize the use of federal money. How much should come from each budget?

a) Formulate a linear programming model based on the above problem by using Microsoft Excel. Show the spreadsheet template, answer and sensitivity report.

b) How much should come from each budget? What is the value of the objective function?

c) Suppose the government reduces RM1,500 from the school initiatives budget, is there any implication on the overall budget?

d) If federal emergency funding for the public expenditures budget is reduced by 10%. What is the new optimal solution?

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