Preschool Observation

This is the same as the Infant/Toddler observation

This observation task is an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to
apply Child Development concepts and terminology. It is not intended
to be an assessment of the child’s abilities or behavior.

Here are two youtube clips. Each is less than 10 minutes. Choose one
and use the observation worksheet to describe what you see. Try not to
interpret, but describe.

A Word version of the template is linked in the module, just below the
assignment. It is writable – you can type directly into the form. If
you would prefer to create your own table, that is also fine. Feel
free to use multiple examples. For clarification, please go to the
contents and Activities forum!

Brief description of the child; age, gender
Setting (where does it take place)
Other participants ( adults and children)
Duration of observation (in this case, length of the video)

Youtube Video:

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