Benchmark – Risk Management Program Analysis

Risk management is a vital component in every organization, especially in medical establishments. Adoption of a risk management process in medical facilities is a beneficial tool as it authorizes health professionals to determine and comprehend the risks faced by the population. As a result, health practitioners ascertain viable intervention mechanisms to mitigate the risks involved. Patient falls are a common cause of accidental injuries or demise in elderly individuals in medical amenities.  According to Burns […]

BTK Strangler

What role did documentary and DNA evidence play in solving the BTK Strangler murders? Wichita District Attorney Nola Foulston devoted approximately twenty hunting the serial murderer known as BTK, for “Bind, Torture, Kill.” When she commenced in the 1970s, no agency was utilizing DNA evidence. However, by 2005, when she sensed she was almost apprehending the killer, familial DNA links were a significant part of the detective’s toolkit. Foulston possessed samples of the assassin’s DNA […]

Drug Companies and Games they Play

Drug Companies and Patents Question 1 Corporations around the universe are investing in research and development to ward off rivals in diverse manufacturing areas. Through research, firms may come up with new procedures or items. Once the companies have developed modern techniques or revolutionized a novel product, they obtain the comprehensive power of utilizing the same in diverse dimensions. Upon patenting the products or processes, the rule forbids any other corporation from utilizing the same. […]

American Legal System

American Legal System Clip 1: What Everyone Should Know About Criminal Law In the YouTube video, criminal law is considered a system of regulations to administer punishments to people who take part in the crime. In a civil case, since two persons dispute their privileges, a criminal prosecution entails the administration determining whether to reprimand a person for a deed or an omission. Crimes are acts or omissions in violation of the regulations. In the first segment of […]

Professional Nursing Practice

Professional Nursing Practices The varying healthcare system landscape and the populace’s fluctuating shape require that the system undertake an essential change to offer patient-centered care and deliver additional primary contrary to specialty care. Today, Nurses play new functions in coordination care from numerous providers, management of caseloads of patients that need intensified care needs, and aiding patients to switch from facilities to the home setting. They function as “health coaches” and other methods of preventing […]

Integrity, Courage, and Wisdom

Integrity, Courage, and Wisdom Robert Dees has laid out multiple significant theories that individuals should integrate into practice when determined to implement business ethics.  Most of the characters emphasize developing the personality and resilience of a person. Dees refers to three fundamental aspects: bravery, honesty, and knowledge (Dees, 2013). Leaders should lead by example and become role models to their followers.  Leaders should be brave in policymaking and guarantee life experiences and preparation have been […]

Discrimination and Oppression

Discrimination and Oppression Racial disparity and racial discernment have shaped America from the point of inception. Ironically, the pursuit for liberty within American borders and its colonies was based on coercion, discrimination and vicious types of supremacies which guaranteed an outright renunciation of liberty for the oppressed. A contradiction is generated within the history of America, whereby one admires how the principles and doctrines of independence and impartiality can co-exist with the realisms of captivity. […]

Argumentative Analysis

Bhagavad Gita and the Hebrew Bible No other portion of Hindu works has made a significant impression on Western thoughts as the Bhagavad Gita, “The Lord’s Lay,” or the “Song of the Adorable.” The Bhagavad vita has gained its distinct significance from its presumed similarity to the New Testament. And as it demands to be much of age than the outdated Gospels or the Epistles, it bears the implication that the latter might have copied […]

Macro & Micro economics

Chapter 7: Inflation and Unemployment Summary Name Institution/ Department Course Code, Course Name Instructor Date Chapter 7: Inflation and Unemployment Summary Based on the clip on unemployment and inflation, not all unemployment and every inflation damages the economy of a region. Also in a productive economy, a specific level of unemployment is reflective of the deliberate choices of workers and personnel seeking their best option. Moreover, low inflation that is completely projected generates less alteration […]

The importance of becoming a global citizen

Importance of Becoming a Global Citizen In recent years, technological advancements are considered as a recurring subject that makes people acquire knowledge regarding the significance of globalization. Reysen & Miller (2015) describes global citizenship and the attributes that a person should possess. In addition, an individual’s conduct or character is founded on their mind-set or approach. They treasure things such as social justice, conservationism, caring for others, and equivalence amongst varied cultures. The job market […]

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