TopElectronic Bhd

TopElectronic Bhd is a manufacturer and supplier of electronic and computer devices. It operates in Kulim Hi-Tech, Kedah. The company closes its account on every 31 December. The company has a piece of land which acquired in 2017 for RM700,000 and a factory that was built in early 2018 at a cost of RM1,250,000. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, there has been a boom of demand for electronic and computer devices. The company decided to […]

Social media and personal communication

Choose the topic which interests you: social media and personal communication, or social media and social justice. Focus on a particular aspect of the topic. How can it bring us together or set us apart? Personal Communication- privacy vs. access to many, group interaction vs.cyber bullying ,serious conversation vs. sound bites, ability to connect to with people around the world vs. need for in person interaction. Online support groups may also fall under personal communication […]

Data Governance in Practice

Data Governance in Practice Use the following scenario to complete your assignment. You are the CIO of Toys for Big Boys, an importer of Chinese-manufactured recreational products for the adult market. Examples of their products include radio-controlled helicopters and airplanes with and without integrated video cameras, radio-controlled autos and boats, electronic games aimed at the grown-up market, and various electronic devices that use technology for doing everyday tasks. Originally, you began the company with your […]

Pastas R Us Inc

Pastas R Us, Inc. is a fast-casual restaurant chain specializing in noodle-based dishes, soups, and salads. Since its inception, the business development team has favored opening new restaurants in areas (within a 3-mile radius) that satisfy the following demographic conditions: Median age between 25 – 45 years old Household median income above national average At least 15% college educated adult population Last year, the marketing department rolled out a Loyalty Card strategy to increase sales. […]

Your patient is Kelly a 17-year-old athletic female.

CASE STUDY Your patient is Kelly a 17-year-old athletic female. Kelly is on the swim and rugby team. She has recently been diagnosed with Asthma and is concerned that it will affect her social life. She states that she needs to get a sport’s scholarship if she hopes to be able to attend university. Kelly’s parents are unable to afford to pay tuition as they have recently moved to Brampton from Newfoundland. They moved here […]

Marilyn Hughes is a 45-year-old female client admitted to the post-anesthesia

Scenario Marilyn Hughes is a 45-year-old female client admitted to the post-anesthesia care unit following a repair of a left mid-shaft tibia-fibula fracture. She returned from surgery with a below the knee ace bandage and splint dressing in place. Neurovascular checks are in a normal range. You are the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) RN assigned to care for this client. The post-operative course proceeds smoothly until the client begins complaining of increasing pain in the […]

Mr. B, a 70-year-old male client

Mr. B, a 70-year-old male client, presented to his primary care physician with complaints of blurred vision and headaches over the last two months. On several visits, Mr. B’s blood pressure was found to be elevated, so the physician started him on hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg by mouth daily. One month later, Mr. B began to have chest pains and shortness of breath, so his primary care provider referred Mr. B to a cardiologist for further […]

You are to assume the role of nurse manager (RN) as you do this assignment.

You are to assume the role of nurse manager (RN) as you do this assignment. Analyze and answer from your perspective, as manager, how you will change these behaviors. Submit more than one detailed paragraph. Review Questions: Define diversity in your own words. What are the key advantages or benefits of a diverse health care work place? What are some barriers to diversity in professional nursing? What strategies might be used to increase a] the […]

DeShawn is the manager of Plastiparts

DeShawn is the manager of Plastiparts, a small plant that manufactures plastic parts for aircraft and boats. The plant employs several hundred workers and is located in the town of Richville, located in the US near the Mexican border. Poor air quality is a problem in Richville and plants in the town, including that of Plastiparts, emit sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere.   The plant DeShawn is managing has emission levels that are consistently above […]

You are Omara Egale, a registered nurse (RN) working in a retirement home

You are Omara Egale, a registered nurse (RN) working in a retirement home. Today you will be caring for Ms. Gemma Egan, a 70-year-old client, who admitted herself for a three-week respite stay at the retirement home. The client fractured her left hip (femoral neck fracture) and had surgery (treated with cemented bipolar prosthesis) to repair the fracture two weeks ago. After a 5-day hospital stay, the client’s sibling stayed with Ms. Egan at her […]

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