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Final Project Topic Selection

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For your final project in this course, you will conduct research on a social issue from the perspective of two social science disciplines. You will discuss your issue in the context of the learning resources you will be exploring in class. For the assignment due this week, you will begin by planning your final project.

Project Plan Requirements

Select a social issue that has particular interest to you. It can be one that you have experienced yourself, one you have seen in your own community, or one you want to learn more about. Here are a few suggested topics:

  • Race issues
  • Homelessness
  • Social class
  • Health care
  • Gender
  • The environment
  • Immigration
  • Sexual orientation
  • Technology

Or select a topic on your own. (If you have questions about the appropriateness of your topic, send your professor an email.)

Please note that these are very broad topic areas. You should narrow your choice down to a more specific issue within the broader topic. For example, if you choose gender, you could narrow it down to gender discrimination, gender disparities in health care, gender identity, gender roles, gender stratification, and so on. This will make it easier for you to really focus on a particular social issue.

Once you have selected your topic, you will submit a two-paragraph project plan:

  1. The first paragraph identifies the topic you have chosen and explains why you think this topic will be a good one to explore from a social science perspective. This paragraph should also include some preliminary discussion of the specific issues that are relevant to your topic that you plan to focus on in your final project (the number of issues you are looking for).
  2. The second paragraph identifies the two social sciences you are going to use to examine your issue. Why did you choose these two disciplines? Cite the information from at least four relevant learning resources (from the course materials) to help validate your selection of the disciplines.

This assignment will use Turnitin to assess academic integrity. Review your syllabus for more information on how this class will use Turnitin.

Final Project Plan

Project Plan

The social issue I have chosen to explore for my final project is homelessness. This topic holds a significant interest for me due to its pervasive nature within communities and the various underlying causes and consequences that accompany it. Homelessness is a multifaceted issue that involves economic, social, and psychological dimensions. I plan to focus on exploring the root causes of homelessness, such as lack of affordable housing, mental health challenges, and economic disparities, as well as its impact on individuals and communities.

I intend to delve into the socioeconomic factors contributing to homelessness, understanding how poverty and inequality intersect with this issue. Additionally, I aim to examine the social and psychological effects on individuals experiencing homelessness, including stigmatization and mental health struggles. Exploring potential solutions and the role of social support systems in addressing homelessness will be an essential aspect of my research.

For the analysis of this issue, I have selected sociology and psychology as the two social sciences to provide comprehensive insights. Sociology will aid in understanding the structural and societal influences contributing to homelessness, examining the systemic and institutional factors perpetuating this problem. Psychology, on the other hand, will help delve into the individual-level perspectives, understanding the mental health implications and behavioral aspects among those experiencing homelessness.

I have referenced four relevant learning resources from the course materials to validate the selection of these disciplines, including “Introduction to Sociology” by George Ritzer, “Social Psychology” by David Myers, “Sociology: Exploring the Architecture of Everyday Life” by David M. Newman, and “Psychology: Themes and Variations” by Wayne Weiten. These resources emphasize the significance of these disciplines in comprehending societal structures and individual behaviors, providing a strong foundation for my research on homelessness.

This response outlines the chosen social issue, the specific aspects within the issue to be explored, and the rationale behind selecting the social sciences of sociology and psychology, supported by references to relevant learning resources.

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