What is the rationale presented for the change

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Consider an organizational change that that has social/cultural implications. Provide an evaluation of the change initiative, and then respond to the following questions:

What is the rationale presented for the change?
What are the internal and external pressures considered in the change?
To what extent are single versus multiple rationales utilized?
Palmer, I., Dunford, R., & Buchanan, D. (2022). Managing organizational change: A multiple perspectives approach (4th ed.). McGraw-Hill Education.
Chapter 3: Why Change? Contemporary Pressures and Drivers
Chapter 4: What Change? A Diagnostic Approach

Essay Sample

Evaluation of Walmart’s Change Initiative:

Rationale for Change: Walmart’s decision to discontinue the sale of certain firearms and ammunition was primarily presented as a response to the increasing incidents of mass shootings and growing public concerns regarding gun violence in the United States. The company aimed to address societal pressures and respond to the changing expectations of its customers and stakeholders by taking a proactive stance on gun control. Walmart intended to contribute to reducing gun violence by restricting sales of certain weapons, aligning with societal expectations for responsible corporate citizenship and promoting a safer environment in its stores.

Internal and External Pressures: Internal pressures on Walmart included a reflection of its corporate values and ethical considerations. The decision to alter its gun sales policy was not merely a response to external pressures but a reflection of the company’s internal values and commitment to social responsibility. External pressures were significantly driven by societal expectations, public opinions, and activism related to gun violence. There were growing demands from various stakeholder groups, including customers, investors, advocacy groups, and regulatory pressures, all advocating for stricter gun control measures. These pressures were reinforced by the wider social and cultural movements advocating for gun safety and tighter regulations.

Single versus Multiple Rationales: Walmart’s decision was influenced by a combination of single and multiple rationales. While the primary reason for the change was rooted in addressing the societal concerns over gun violence and promoting a safer environment, it also aligned with the company’s commitment to social responsibility. The change initiative stemmed from the singular rationale of responding to societal pressures for tighter gun control, while simultaneously resonating with Walmart’s broader values of corporate responsibility and customer safety. This combination of single and multiple rationales underscored the decision’s significance and impact on both social/cultural expectations and the company’s core values.

Walmart’s change initiative to restrict certain firearms and ammunition sales illustrates a prominent case of addressing social and cultural implications, integrating societal pressures and internal values in the decision-making process. The alignment of the change initiative with the company’s broader values and the changing societal expectations on gun control facilitated a proactive stance in addressing a pressing social issue.

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