Creating a Government that Works Better and Costs Less

Instruction Details

Select a public figure you are able to research or one whom you know personally. The person should work for a public institution at the local, state, or federal level or at a nonprofit organization.
Reference Article 48: “From Red Tape to Results: Creating a Government that Works Better and Costs Less” on page 514 of the textbook. In a two- to three-page paper, elaborate on how your selected public administrator uses any one (or more) of the four key principles to successfully analyze and solve a public problem. Include a short narrative describing your representative’s management style and why this is important when developing problem-solving strategies.
The four key principles, which are listed on page 518 of the textbook, include the components shown below.
1. Cutting the red tape.
2. Putting customers first.
3. Empowering employees to get results.
4. Cutting back-to-back to basics: Producing better government for less.
Ensure your essay is at least two pages in length but is no longer than four pages in length, is double-spaced, and uses 12-point Times New Roman font with one-inch margins. Section headings are also encouraged to help organize your paper.

Essay Sample

Title: Xavier Becerra and Effective Problem-Solving in Public Administration


Xavier Becerra, a hypothetical public administrator in a state health department, exemplifies effective problem-solving by incorporating the principle of “putting customers first” from the four key principles for successful analysis and resolution of public problems.

Management Style

Becerra’s management style emphasizes a customer-centric approach. He prioritizes the needs and concerns of the community, recognizing that public health solutions must be tailored to meet the diverse needs of the population. His management style is marked by inclusivity, active listening, and a commitment to responsiveness. This approach is crucial as it ensures that policies and initiatives developed are in direct alignment with the needs and preferences of the community.

Applying the Principle

Becerra embodies the principle of “putting customers first” by focusing on community engagement and involvement. He initiates town hall meetings, surveys, and community forums to gather feedback and insights from citizens on health-related issues. By actively seeking and valuing public input, Becerra integrates the community’s perspectives into the decision-making process, ensuring that public health policies are aligned with the real needs of the people. Moreover, he uses various communication channels, such as social media and local outreach programs, to disseminate crucial health information, aiming to address public concerns and improve health literacy within the community.

Importance in Problem-Solving Strategies

Becerra’s emphasis on putting customers first is pivotal in effective problem-solving strategies. It ensures that the solutions and policies crafted are relevant, resonant, and directly address the pressing health concerns of the community. By centering on the needs and priorities of the population, Becerra fosters a more inclusive and collaborative problem-solving environment. This approach not only promotes transparency but also builds trust and confidence among the community in the health department’s efforts to address their concerns.


Xavier Becerra’s hypothetical leadership style demonstrates the crucial application of the principle of “putting customers first” in public administration. This principle ensures that public administrators actively engage with the community, integrating their perspectives into the decision-making process, and ultimately formulating policies and solutions that are directly responsive to the needs of the people. This approach fosters a more effective and sustainable problem-solving strategy within public institutions, ensuring solutions that are inclusive and beneficial for the community at large.

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