Module 1 – Assignment(Healthcare data analytics course)

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Module 1: Assignment(Healthcare data analytics course)


Examine the impact of data analytics on quality management


Summarize the following article:


  • Your submission should be 1-3 pages – Title page and reference page do not count.  *Hint* you should have a title and reference page.
  • Review all the topics and links in the Article Summary Assignmentspage in the Getting Started Module.
  • The article and any supporting references should be APA-cited (see sample paper in Article Summary Assignments)
  • You need to include the article’s main ideas and two specific examples.

Criteria for Success: 15 Points Possible

  • 5 Points for completed submission of article summary.
  • 5 Points (2.5 each) for citing specific examples from the article.
  • 5 Points for properly citing in APA format.
  • 5 Points for submission being free of major grammatical errors.

Question Guide

Title: Examine the Impact of Data Analytics on Quality Management


  • Briefly introduce the article you are summarizing, including the title, authors, and publication date.
  • Provide some context about the importance of data analytics in healthcare and quality management.

Main Ideas from the Article:

  • Summarize the main ideas presented in the article. Highlight the key points related to reducing errors in extracted electronic health record (EHR) data for research.
  • Mention any interdisciplinary approaches discussed in the article and how they contribute to improving data quality in EHRs.

Specific Example 1:

  • Provide a specific example or case study mentioned in the article that illustrates how data analytics is used to reduce errors in EHR data.
  • Explain the impact of this example on the quality of healthcare data and its implications for research.

Specific Example 2:

  • Present another specific example from the article that demonstrates the practical application of data analytics in quality management for EHR data.
  • Discuss the outcomes or benefits associated with this example in terms of improving data accuracy and research reliability.


  • Sum up the key takeaways from the article and how it highlights the impact of data analytics on quality management in healthcare.
  • Emphasize the significance of interdisciplinary approaches in addressing data quality issues in EHRs.


  • List the article you summarized in APA format.
  • Include any additional references used in your summary if applicable.

Remember to maintain proper formatting, adhere to APA citation style, and proofread your summary to ensure it is free of major grammatical errors. Your summary should provide a clear understanding of the article’s content an

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