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The purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to see how psychology applies to your different aspects of life. By this point in the class, you should have become aware of how you interact with psychology daily. Understanding this connection between your life and psychology is one of the core objectives of this class. Below is a link to the psychology research section in the Ivy Tech Online Library.

Psychology Research Link – Ivy Tech Online Library


Complete the following steps:
Find and describe three scholarly articles that discuss the practical applications of psychology. For a reminder of what a scholarly artice is, please watch the very first part of this video that you watched for the Scholarly Article Analysis assignment in Module 4.
What is a Scholarly Article?Links to an external site.

You should explore three different applications such as the following:
How psychology relates to the workplace?
How psychology relates to parenting?
How psychology relates to intimate relationships?
How psychology relates to self-acceptance and self-worth?
Now that you have explored how psychology relates to different aspects of life, the next step is to discuss how you can use what you learned in psychology in your future life and how you have been affected by what you learned in this class. You may wish to look at the following:
How do you or could you use psychology in your current or future career? If it helps ( Going for nursing)
How do you use or could you use psychology as a parent? If t helps ( have a 7yr old boy)
How do you use or could you use psychology in relationships with others?
How has what you learned in this class influenced how you view the world?
All papers are submitted through the Turnitin software to check for possible plagiarism and should follow these guidelines.

APA style
Font – Times New Roman, 12 pt.
APA format (1 inch margins, double-spacing, indention of paragraphs)
Lay-out of Paper

Title Page
Content – Minimum of 5 to 6 pages in length (Content does not include the title page and references page.)
In-text citations in APA style
References page where your resources are listed in APA style.
Below is a link to several APA resources to help you.
Course Resources

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