literary analysis

Write a five-page literary analysis of your interpretation of  the author’s purpose in the primary source that you are analyzing: A Raisin in the Sun.  The works cited page should be placed on the top of the last page of the paper, page 6 or  more. Consider narrowing the focus of your analysis to an issue that you want to investigate to interpret the resolution of the conflict. Then, state your claim or argument  about the author’s intent. Your argumentative claim should state your interpretation of the author’s purpose and the character that your essay will analyze most closely to support your claim about the thematic issue that Hansberry develops. You must cite passages from your primary source throughout your paper as well as the expert analysis of two or more secondary sources. Secondary sources must be journal articles that I have posted in Canvas Module Four. Include three or more of these secondary sources in your working   bibliography and incorporate at least one quote from one of them in each body paragraph of your paper (4 subtopics) for a total of 4 or more secondary source quotes in your   research paper as well as 4 or more quotes from the primary source).

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