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Cemeteries are a great source of information about attitudes towards death and towards the dead. I would like you to visit one large cemetery or perhaps several small ones. I
would like you to expose yourself to the graves of the deceased who reside in different regions, who are of both genders, different religions, etc. Observe as many different
representations of death as you can, both individual symbols (for example grave ornaments and headstones) and the symbolism of the place itself as is revealed in the
setting and the architectural styles. Notice examples of different styles of epitaphs (a short statement or poem written on a tombstone). Note the themes you find.

Are they different on tombstones that are older versus younger? Do they differ on tombstones of the older deceased individuals versus those who died at a young age? What information is typically given about the deceased? Also, do you notice a difference between older and newer headstones? Is there a cultural difference in the headstones, or the artifacts that are listed on the headstones or placed around them? Please describe your findings in detail and cite some published literature to support your findings. This submission has a 3-page minimum, which equates to a 900-word count minimum. As before, the word count minimum is firm. Should you desire an A then your paper should be thorough, detailed, inclusive of culture, religion, and time and be error free.

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