Big Data analysis

Assignment Instructions

-Module 6 Discussion
-Module 7 Assignment
After reviewing this Module’s Lesson content, choose 1 specific nursing practice topic that can benefit from big data analysis (can use one from the article or come up with one of your own). You are the Chief Nursing Officer at a healthcare (including insurance), public health, or educational organization. You are the only nurse on the Leadership Team alongside other hospital administrators (the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Informatics Officer, and the medical director), data analysts, and risk management. Leadership knows that a new approach to the  topic is necessary, but a specific plan has not been decided on. You need to make an evidence- based proposal about how the organization should approach your topic. Remember, everyone at the table is going to have a vote on the proposal, so you need to show risks and benefits not only for nursing but for medicine, finance, and informatics as well.
Using the topic you chose, compose a plan for this topic based on what you learned from an analysis of Big Data research about this topic. Note: when searching for papers to include in this assignment make sure to search “big data” AND [topic] to find relevant papers.
Module 6 Discussion:
(100 points possible)
• What is the problem?
• Who are the stakeholders?
• What evidence is in the literature about this topic & solution that has been addressed by Big Data analysis? Why is it meaningful to include Big Data approaches in the analysis of this problem?
Module 7 Assignment:
(250 points possible)
• Using the evidence you found about your topic and the feedback you received from
peers in the Module 6 discussion, develop a proposed solution to present to your
Leadership Team.
• What solution would you propose and why?
o Detail the impact of the solution – how would it change the use of organizational
resources? What exactly would need to be done to implement the solution –
develop new policies & procedures? Build a new building? Add a new software?
o Would there be financial costs to implement the solution? How much and how
would that be funded?

o What are the potential benefits of implementing this solution? What are the risks
of implementing this solution? When and how would you evaluate the
implementation of the solution?

A written Executive Summary.
2-4 single spaced pages.
Use SINGLE spaced text please. Use references and list them at the bottom of the Summary.
Use APA-formatted in-text citations.
• Background information (summary of the topic and supporting evidence from the
• Proposed Solution with answers to the bulleted questions above
Submit your Executive Summary Assignment by Day 7 of Week 7 in the appropriate
assignment dropbox.


Evidence Based Proposal

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