Networking And IPv4 Addressing

You got that coveted work-from-home IT position you’ve always wanted.  There’s only one hitch- you have to move to a new city that is within a  specific radius of the corporate office. Before you make that big move  to the city, you realize it’s a good idea to research the area. Since  you will be working from home, it’s going to be important to look into  the different ISPs (Internet Service Providers) your new city has to  offer.

You’ve never worked from home; what kind of equipment do  you need for a home office? You’re used to going to work and having your  computer hard-wired into the network- is that necessary now that you  are working from home? Will a wireless network be reliable and  sufficient? You have a lot to consider for your first work-from-home  job. Time to “get your ducks in a row” before your first big day!

  • Where are you moving to for your new work-from-home position?  Which ISPs are available at this location? Which do you pick and why?
  • What  equipment do you need for your work-from-home position? What does your  ISP provide? What does your employer provide? What do you need to  provide?
  • What types of network cabling will you be using and with which devices?
  • How do you determine the IP addresses on your devices?
  • How  will you set up equipment in your office in your new home? Will you be  using wireless or hard wire for your network connection? What else  should be considered?
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