Ethicity Hispanic Culture

  • What is your ethnic background? Remember, ethnicity is not race. Rather, ethnicity refers to a category of people who share a common culture, ancestral, and/or national experience. Ethnicity is often reflected in language, religion, material culture (i.e., food, clothing, music, art, etc.). For more information and assistance identifying your ethnic background refer to this website
  • What did your family teach you about your ethnic background? Are there any rituals (e.g., holidays customs, etc.) that you engage in which reflect your ethnic background? Give an example of how you learned that these rituals were connected to your ethnicity.
  • In what ways do you perform your ethnicity? In other words, what activities do you engage in, what food do you eat, and/or what clothing do you wear that may identify you as a particular ethnicity? Think about any symbols that you may use to represent your ethnic background.
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