Career Exploration

Table of Contents


Explore job postings on the internet or other source and select a position in a location where you would like to work and qualify for upon completing your degree. If you do not or will not have the requisite qualifications, experience, or desire to live in that geographic location, select a different position. Once you select a position, compose your paper (minimum of five pages) with the following requirements:

1. At the top of the first page, provide a Position Summary as follows:

a. Title of Position: (e.g. Staff Accountant)

b. Years of Experience Required: (e.g. less than 2 years)

c. Company/Organization: (e.g. Texas Department of Transportation)

2. Following position summary using no more than three pages provide your personal evaluation about why you selected the position using the six Occupational Considerations of the Career Exploration Framework detailed below: challenge, compensation, culture, location, opportunity for advancement, and purpose.

3. On a separate page, include a copy of the Posting/Advertisement you selected.

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