State what is at issue in the case

Facts: State the facts of the case and why the case went to trial. 2. Issue: State what is at issue in the case. 3. Ruling: State the court’s ruling in the case. 4. Analysis: This section contains the bulk of the brief. In your analysis, address the following: a) In this case, what standard did the court use to determine whether the use of force was reasonable? For instance, what did the court say about judging the objective reasonableness of the use of force? b) What perspective did the court use in determining whether the officer acted appropriately in the use of force? What did the court say about using hindsight to determine objective reasonableness? c) What strategies do you believe should be employed to make sure officers are applying the correct amount of force in any given situation? d) Analyze the connection between the issue of use of force and what criminological theory contributed to the understanding—or misunderstanding—of these issues. 5. Conclusion: Conclude the case brief by summarizing your analysis.

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