Communication Through Persuasion 

Module 2 Discussion: Communication Through Persuasion

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Read the article (Links to an external site.) titled, 6 Persuasion Techniques that Apple Uses to Influence You (Links to an external site.).

Although this article is from 2015, I find it covers six great areas of persuasion. After you have read the article, select a company/organization that you feel does a GREAT job of persuading the public – DO NOT USE APPLE! Write a paragraph (min 250 words for each section) explaining how your selected company/organization handles the art of persuasion to its consumers.

  1. Scarcity (discuss in 250 words min.)
  2. Commitment & Consistency(discuss in 250 words min.)
  3. Reciprocity(discuss in 250 words min.)
  4. Authority(discuss in 250 words min.)
  5. Social Proof(discuss in 250 words min.)
  6. Liking(discuss in 250 words min.)

Before submitting your post be sure to read, and re-read your work. CHECK YOUR WORK and PROPERLY CITE YOUR SOURCES!  I will deduct for sloppy mistakes, especially sloppy grammar errors and a lack of cited sources. There is no min/mad of cited sources required but I know you will use articles for your discussion posts so be sure to cite all sources and properly quote any sources needed.

I am a firm believer in quality vs. quantity so make sure you do your research and think about your discussion post before you submit it. In this online environment, it is key to remember that we can all learn from each other so we must use these discussions to inform as well as educate our fellow classmates.  Don’t assume your reader knows what you are discussing – be sure to provide insightful answers to this discussion question and all the discussion posts that will follow in the weeks ahead.  This is a great opportunity to share and learn.

Lastly, the best way to learn is to share.  Be sure to provide feedback on the discussion questions. This is not obligatory but highly recommended.  This is how we learn – by sharing ideas and asking questions. There is no specific amount of how many discussion posts you must reply to – use your best judgment. Every week will be different and some topics will be of more interest to you whereas others may not, regardless, participation is key and I will take participation into account when grading at the end of the semester.

I look forward to reading your discussion posts.

Prof. A


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