Briefly describe the laureate’s academic background

Table of Contents

Task 1

Write and present a short piece on one of the Nobel Prize Laureates in Economics (to be precise, of the Sverige Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel).

Written Part:

Format: 12 pt. font, Word or pdf file (typed; only graphs can be drawn by hand).
No cover page, please. Provide proper headings, etc. Spacing: 1.5. Length: 2 pages including references.


  1. Briefly describe the laureate’s academic background.
  2. Explain the general research for which the Prize was awarded and why it was path-breaking.
  3. Present one contribution in more detail (that is, one research paper).


Start by looking at the Nobel Prize Committee’s website (Links to an external site.)  (press release, advanced information, etc.), explore the laureate’s website (if available), and then pick one of the research articles, read it carefully, and conduct more research on it. Make sure to carefully read the posted grading rubrics provided under the respective submission links.

Here are some questions for you to consider when preparing your paper and presentation:

1) What is the question/ are the questions the laureate is asking in her or his work?
2) Why do we care?
3) What are the contributions? (That is, what do we know after the research that we did not know before. Or, in other words, what is the big deal?)
4) What are the answers?

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