Assignment on Puzzles

Puzzles are good for problem-solving.  Even the simplest of puzzles require toddlers to think and develop different approaches to achieve a single goal. They analyze and use their grey matter as they put together the pieces of the puzzles. These toys directly impact their problem solving and reasoning skills which help them grow well in their professional as well as personal life.

Puzzles help students’ cognitive skills.  Apart from solutions and reasoning, toddlers learn shapes, colors, sizes, and a deeper understanding of how a small unit forms a part of the whole set. The puzzles may vary depending upon their theme and can be helpful in solidifying the basics like alphabets, numerals, animals, fruits, and much more.

Puzzles are also helpful with hand-eye coordination.  While putting the right shapes into their correct spaces or putting together pieces of a castle, toddlers work on their hand-eye coordination. The wrong piece obviously does not fit, and they have to try all over again. This trial-and-error help them to do what they actually see.

  • How else are puzzles helpful?


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