Week 8 Assignment – Business Requirements Document Overview

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Now that you have submitted your process flow diagram and description, you are on to the next phase of the project. You receive the following memo from your Project Manager.

From: PM
To: Project Team
We’ve got a great plan in place and now it’s time to submit your requisition requests. Since this is going to be a totally separate project and new source of revenue for the company, we’re going to ask you to draw up all the business requirements you need for your piece of the project. You can assume that other members of the team are going to request things under their purview that your team will need.
For example, the data managers can assume the cybersecurity expert will provide proper firewall support. But you will need to address all the items you need on your end to make things work. This will include licenses to software, all hardware, outside contractor space, applications, plus any monies needed for additional staff or contractors, hours needed by existing personnel to work on your part of the project, and so on.
Your budget will be based on your need, so prepare a list of resources to add to the project using the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Total up your needs on the bottom line and provide documentation on where / how you came up with your estimates. Provide as much detail as possible and then explain each item in an accompanying memo or email back to me.


Using the provided templates, create business requirements documents.

Use the Excel Spreadsheet Template to create a list of each of the resources needed for your area of the project, along with the cost of those resources and the total of each of those costs.

Use the MS Word Document Template to provide documentation on where or how you came up with the estimates you provided in the Excel document. This document should address the following:

  • An explanation of how you created an estimate for each of the resources you have listed in the Excel spreadsheet.
  • Also, for each of the resources listed, include information on where you looked for the pricing.
  • Whether or not you looked at more than one price and why.
  • Any additional details that may help provide context to the costs identified.

As a reminder, you should submit two deliverables this week:

  1. Excel spreadsheet in the provided template.
  2. MS Word document in the provided template.


To: <Project Manager’s Name Here>

From: <Your Name Here>

CC:  <Anyone else who gets a copy here>


Dear <PM’s Name Here>.

<Describe all your business requirements for your part of the project.  Draw on all your Strayer knowledge, education, and any personal experience or research to identify everything you will need and add it to the Excel Spreadsheet.  Then return here and describe your spreadsheet including cost and benefit to your clients/constituents/customers (depending on your type of organization) (1-3 pages)>

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