· Paper should be 4-5 double-spaced pages of content in length (this does not include title page or reference pages).

o Paper should be in current APA format.

o Headings should be included and must conform to the content categories listed (i.e., Statesmanship Model, Interpersonal Skills, Emotional Intelligence, etc.).

· 3-5 additional scholarly sources must be used. They need to be scholarly and provide relevant public administration theory and practices.


When we think of public administration,  we are concerning ourselves with the implementation or oversight of  government policies within an organization. As such, your first step is  to find an organization of your choosing that has a real-life issue or a  situation they are currently dealing with. In other words, the public  administrators in this organization were met with resistance, what was  it? Or the policy implemented may been violated. What happened? How was  it violated?


Now we are going to  apply the statesmanship model discussed last week to this situation. The  overarching idea of statesmanship is the call for moral character. In  the context of this assignment, how can that model be applied to the  situation at hand? How can someone, with decision making power, change  what happened?  What can they do to fix it? You want this person to  exhibit the character traits we discussed last week. What interpersonal  skills should be used to effectively administer statesmanship?

In  other words, there is a problem that need to be fixed. How can that be  fixed using what we discussed last week? Imagine a statesman at their  best dealing with this issue. What does that look like? Who does that  look like? What would you do?

Organization & Issue

You  want to find a real organization with a real issue to work with. If you  experienced issues in your organization, you may use that, just be sure  to address all components in this study. You may use something you  heard about on TV. Just be sure to research the organization and make  sure it is indeed an issue, that is well documented.


You  want to format this like a research paper in that you will have a title  page, which can name the organization or the issue at hand. You want to  number your pages. You want to double space and use headers to help  organize your paper. You also want to include a reference page (an  Abstract is not necessarily). Review the Rubric to ensure you cover all  bases.


You want to apply all the  reading material. Include the book, presentations, and articles used  thus far. You also want to include 3 additional sources peer reviewed  sources that add value to what you are discussing.

Please note,  each Case Study will have a different direction, but the concept may be  the same. I will provide as much feedback as necessary to help you  moving forward.

This is a good opportunity to explore leadership  in an organization. Have fun with it, do not over think it. You all did a  fantastic job on your discussions, so you can do well on this too.


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