Assignment 2A – Stage One: Planning Your Instruction & Assignment 2B


Complete the planner to complete the second portion of Stage One of the Learning Map. In Blackboard, you will find a few examples of completed planners that you may find useful.


For this week, make sure to integrate any feedback your instructor had for Part One, and include those updates in your full Stage One planner below.


Before Starting

Please review the three Learning Map documents in Blackboard that define the Stages and Elements of the Learning Map and provide a visual of the entire Learning Map.


Identify your Lesson Standard(s)


CA Content Standard(s)


List the Standard(s)
ELD Standard


List English Learning Development Standard(s)



Unpacking the Standard

Before beginning this section, please navigate to this video that describes how to unpack Common Core Standards.


Prior Knowledge What do students have to know coming into your lesson? Think in terms of instructional academic language and vocabulary.


Big Question(s)


Your Learning Target Question(s)


The content we want students to learn, evaluate, and apply.


What skills do you want students to master?


List both teacher actions (TA) and student actions (SA) for each skill






Goals: Learning Objectives

Describe the who, what, where, when, and why. This video can be a helpful resource.


Learning Objective Components:




Describe what students will know and be able to do the end of the lesson by using a given strategy.


Decide on your instructional strategy.


Complete the following steps below to put together your learning objective.


Strategy Identify the instructional strategy:





List the verbs using Blooms or DOK:



1.Support with Tools and Resources

2. Environment


Describe the circumstances under which the performance takes place:

Include: 1. Tools/Resources/Supports (what students will or will not use) 2. Environment (where the performance takes place)



Speed or Accuracy

How will you measure student learning?

Describe what the criterion is:
Write a Learning Objective


Students will in (environment) be able to (verb) by using the strategy of _______________, with the support of  (tools/resources) with (speed or accuracy) as measured by (how will you record the evidence of student learning).


Ex, Students will in small groups, be able to compare wind and solar power by using the strategy of identifying details in the text, by highlighting 5 details of solar power in blue and 5 details of wind power in green, then complete a Venn Diagram of similarities and differences with mastery learning as measured by teacher anecdotal charting.

Student Learning Target I can statement:
Social and Emotional Learning Strategies  
Student Misconceptions  



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