IT331 Technology Infrastructure

IT331 Technology Infrastructure

Complete the following questions in an MS Word Document in APA format.

  1. Provide a technical description of 4B/5B Digital Encoding Scheme. Contrast it with the Manchester scheme. Explain how and why it provides better data rates.
  2. Create a ranked table (see below) based on transmission speed, comparing three types of twisted pair, coaxial cable, fiber-optic cable, microwave, and satellite. A total of seven media. Include distances and typical installation use cases.

Type of Media

Transmission Speed


Typical installation use cases

  1. Using your favorite search engine, include an image or create a diagram comparing a low earth satellite deployment with a geosynchronous satellite deployment in a situation where you would need 24/7 coverage of the whole earth as your basic criteria. The image or diagram should include ground stations and appropriate locations. (Hint: all satellites (GEO and LEO) and ground stations need to be included and/or labeled).
    1. Provide a comparison of the difference in expense (cost) of the two different solutions (Cite your source).
    2. Include in the response the importance of satellites to wireless communication and connectivity.
    3. Include a relevant reference.
  2. Discuss the data communication features of USB standards and implementation. What are the pros and cons of using USB drives? In your opinion, what is a portable alternative to the USB drive?
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