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Nowadays just about every high school student has a smart phone.  They can be a distraction in the classroom or you can use them as a teaching tool.  This assignment will have you think about different ways smart phone apps can be used to help students start and maintain physical activity.  Some apps can be used in the classroom and others can be used on their own at home to encourage lifelong physical activity.

For example, the compass app could be used for a fitness workout.  Students start at a certain point and move through the course using coordinates on the app. There is a cone or sign at each new coordinate so when they get to that specific spot they do the exercise or activity and then move on to the next until they finish the complete course.  This lesson could be used as a fitness development activity or a lesson focus activity.

Here are just a few apps you may consider using in the classroom.  Research 3 apps and describe how a lesson can be built around the app.  Include the name of the app, why it can be useful for the student, how you would use it for instruction, and how you would assess the students as they used the app.

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