Body Cameras

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Body Cameras

Avatar Agency Director: Hello everyone! Welcome to the AIU Criminal Justice Agency. I am the director for the agency, and you have been selected as the top criminal justice professional in your respective field. You are going to attend the Criminal Justice Professional’s Conference.

The conference is a 5-day professional assembly (Note: Each class week’s lesson will represent 1 day of the conference).

After Action White Paper on Your Seminar Attendance: During the Week 1 Assignment representing the first day of a 5-day conference, you will select a lecture topic being presented in Law Enforcement Technology (Week 1 assignment topic).

Day 1 of the Conference (represented by Week 1 of the assignment):

In Week 1, you will be provided with 5 topics involving law enforcement technology. Like in a criminal justice professional conference seminar, you will pick the conferences that you wish to attend. You will select 1 of the 5 topics for the lecture that you will be attending. (Note: Do not select the same topic that you selected for your Discussion Board assignment)

Selecting 1 of the 5 topics, you will be required to submit a 600–850 word minimum for your Individual Project After Action White Paper. Please format your references in the APA Manual format and make sure that you cite each reference at least one time in the text of your paper in proper APA Manual citation format. The word count for your paper will not include the references or the title page.

  • You are encouraged to do research on the topic for other sources.
  • The paper should encapsulate what you learned to provide your agency members (classmates) and the command staff on what you would like to bring back to enhance how the agency functions.
  • You will comment on the data and identify the strengths and weaknesses that you saw when attending the seminar (reading the reference paper(s)).

Note: All of these topic paper references are in the AIU Library.

Topic 1: Police Body Cameras in Large Police Departments

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