CHE 6305 Issues And Trends In Community Health Unit

CHE 6305 Issues And Trends In Community Health Unit

Unit VIII PowerPoint Presentation

Weight: 13% of course grade

Policy Improvement Plan

Evaluate a current local, state, or federal policy. What are some problems that exist with it? Are there any challenges, if so what?

Using the problem-solving method from Unit IV, create a PowerPoint presentation for policy-makers at the appropriate level that discusses ways to improve the policy you have chosen. How could the current policy be modified, improved, and implemented?

Using the problem-solving methodology, you will complete the tasks below.

  1. Identify the problems with the current policy.
  2. Discuss the population the policy is set in place to help.
  3. Indicate any challenges with the current policy.
  4. Suggest how the policy could be modified to improve its current function.
  5. Discuss how the new and improved policy will be implemented.
  6. Infer/deduce positive outcomes from the hypothetical improvements made to the policy.

Use data to support your answer. Present your findings to the policy-makers in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. Your presentation should consist of at least 10 slides, not including the title and references slides.

PowerPoint Requirements:

  • All graphics must be clear.
  • All graphics must be cited.
  • Include at least four photos.
  • Include at least one graphic.
  • Include notes so that the information on the slide contains simple bulleted phrases and the notes expand on those bullets with complete sentences – as if you would use them in an oral presentation to the policymaker.


The following resource can help you with the basics of creating a PowerPoint presentation:


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