Sibeon is a kindergarten student

Sibeon is a kindergarten student in a self-contained classroom for students diagnosed with autism, and he is educated in that setting for more than 80% of the day. Throughout the day, Sibeon perseverates on his favorite topic of elevators. He frequently demonstrates perseverative behaviors that includes talking about elevators, drawing elevators, and engaging in repetitive play in which he pretends that any toy (blocks, cars, etc.) is an elevator.

Sibeon is able to engage in conversations outside of the topic of elevators and has a variety of leisure skills in his play repertoire. Currently, Sibeon receives social praise and attention when he does not perseverate on elevators, but requires continued verbal prompts to redirect his behavior. Regardless, he remains rigid in his desire to perseverate on elevators whenever possible. You’ve been asked to design a SCR study that will reduce Sibeon’s perseveration on elevators and reduce the need for constant verbal prompting to redirect him.

Use the scenario to answer and fill in these questions:
Use this guide to plan the information needed to include in your Poster Presentation

1.     Provide an Annotated Biography of 3 Articles that support the evidence base of your study. See resource on annotated bibliographies.
… read the article and provide summary for each that includes:
a.      A brief description of the research question(s) and hypothesis
b.     The method, setting, and subjects, research design
c.      A summary of the results
d.     The conclusions as reported by the study author

Article 1:

Article 2:

Article 3:

2.     Think of a Title for your Study… it should reflect the Dependent/Independent Variables and the subjects. Ex. Use of Non-Contingent Reinforcement on the Perpetual Squawking of a Parrot with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
3.     introduction that provides a rationale as to why your chose this study, based on the literature that you reviewed – what makes your study a unique contribution to the field? End this section with your research statement…see #4.
4.   research statement: What is your study looking to investigate or prove? Be sure to include both the independent and dependent variables in your research statement. The purpose of this study is to…. (determine the effectiveness of non-contingent reinforcement on the perpetual squawking of a parrot with obsessive compulsive disorder…..)
5.     Methods Section:
a.     Participants/Setting(s)
b.     Materials
c.      Dependent Variable
d.     Procedures used: be sure to identify the research design.
6.     Results Section
a.     Graphical Representation of Data that meets APA Conventions for the selected graph(s).
b.     Brief Overview of results
7.     Discussion Section
a.     Summarize effectiveness
b.     Discuss limitations of study (based upon pro’s/con’s of design, # of participants, lack of generality, etc.)

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