Summative Assessment: Critical Thinking And Problem Solving

Summative Assessment: Critical Thinking And Problem Solving

Assignment Content

  1. Assume you are the sheriff of a large metropolitan law enforcement agency. Today, one of your undersheriffs was accused in an officer-involved shooting incident. A male was shot by the undersheriff during a traffic stop and subsequently died because of his wounds.

    The mayor has called and wants to know what happened. The media is in the lobby and wants you to hold a press conference. You have learned the media has video footage of the shooting from witnesses at the scene. There are calls for the officer to be fired and prosecuted for murder. The sheriff’s office is already under scrutiny by the public in relation to similar situations in other large cities. How do you address this situation?

    Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word detailed plan of action to address this situation. Include the following:

  2. Factors you may encounter when dealing with the political body
  3. -Factors you need to address when dealing with organizational behaviors in the sheriff’s department
  4. -Factors you need to address in relation to the organizational structure within the sheriff’s department
  5. -Factors to consider centering around the call to fire or prosecute the officer
  6. -Factors to consider when addressing the news media during your upcoming press conference
  7. -Factors that affect your decision making in developing the best course of action in this situation
  8. -Factors to consider relating to potential organizational change within the sheriff’s department
  9. – Research these issues using:
    • Media accounts of any police department
    • Websites
    • Personal interviews
    • Internet sources
    • Police department official statements
    • Other resources you consider important
  • Cite a minimum of 3 sources in addition to your textbook using APA format.
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