Digital Forensic 4

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Digital Forensic 4

For this Discussion Board Assignment, we will explore differences in graphic files as a source image is saved to various formats. Search the Internet and find an image that interests you. This could be a picture of your favorite actor, sports hero, or animal.  Download the photo to your hard drive. Windows users will then open the file with Paint; Mac users will open the file with Preview. Please follow the instructions below.

  • Windows Users:
    • Open the photo with the Paint application.
    • Save the image in three different ways.  Use the “Save As” function and save the image once as a JPEG, once as a BMP, and once as a PNG.
  • Mac Users:
    • Locate the image in the Finder app.
    • Right-click (or Control + click) on the image and select “Open With > Preview.”
    • From the top menu bar, select File > Export.
    • From the pop-up, you can select the folder where you want to export the image and the format of your choice. You can change the name of the image file from the “Export As” field.
    • After selecting the destination folder, click on the drop-down next to “Format.”  Save the image three ways, TIFF, JPEG, and PNG.

Attach all three versions of your photo in your initial post.  List the format, file size, and dimensions of each image.

  • Which format resulted in the largest data size?
  • How big of a difference in size is there between each format?
  • Are the dimensions different for each of the formats?
  • Examine the image variations posted by your classmates.
    • Do you see a difference in image quality between the different formats?
    • Which image format would you recommend for saving important photographs, such as family photos? Why?
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