HRMN-Change Management Plan

HRMN-Change Management Plan

Please cite your work in your responses

– Please use APA (7th edition) formatting

– All questions and each part of the question should be answered in detail (Go into depth)

– Response to questions must demonstrate understanding and application of concepts covered in class,

– Use in-text citations and at LEAST 2 resources per discussion from the school materials that I provided to support all answers.

The use of course materials to support ideas is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

– Responses MUST be organized (Should be logical and easy to follow)

– Include at least 3 course resources

Create a change-management plan presentation. Put yourself in the position of a consultant making recommendations to the CEO of the organization.

State whether the organization is prepared with its current culture to meet the needs and challenges of the future. Defend your argument using research and course resources – you must apply what you have learned.

Your presentation should include the following (at a minimum):

  • define the current culture – artifacts, values, assumptions
  • provide an evaluation of the current situation and analysis of whether the current culture is sufficient to meet the needs of the future, or if the culture needs to change; include the ramifications of doing nothing (keeping the culture the way it is)
  • recommendations for how the culture should change – what should the new culture be and why
  • justification and support for the recommended changes, based on both your own observations and the literature
  • using Kotter’s 8 steps – what are the specific strategies that need to be adopted by leadership, including how to communication of the changes
  • how will leadership address resistance to change

You must use a minimum of 3 course resources.

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