Total Quality Management-TQM In Construction Industry

Total Quality Management-TQM In Construction Industry

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 KB7052 – Master’s Research Project

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KB7052 Research Project                                                                               Research Declaration Form

I declare the following:

  1. That the material contained in my dissertation/journal paper is the result of my work and that due acknowledgement has been given in the bibliography and references to all sources be they printed, digital, or personal, using the Cite Them Right bibliographic referencing system.


  1. The word count of my dissertation is ????


  1. I agree to an entire digital copy or sections of my dissertation/journal paper being placed on the Blackboard module if deemed appropriate, to allow future students and academic staff the opportunity to see examples of past students’ dissertations/journal papers.


  1. I agree to my dissertation/journal paper being submitted to a plagiarism detection service where it will be stored in a database and compared against work submitted from this or any other module in Northumbria University and from other UK, EU, and international institutions using the service. In the event of the service detecting a high degree of similarity between the content of my dissertation/journal paper and the documents contained within the database, this will be reported back to my supervisor, examiners, and internal moderators, who may decide to undertake further investigation that may ultimately lead to disciplinary action (according to ARTA), should an instance of academic misconduct be detected.


  1. I have read the Northumbria University policy statements on ethics and governance and confirm that ethical issues have been considered, evaluated, and appropriately addressed during my research and during the production of my dissertation/journal paper.


  1. I agree to the module tutor nominating my dissertation/journal paper on my behalf for appropriate academic with the CIOB, RICS, IMechE, and APM, etc.



Signed (Student Number): ????
Date: ????





List of Figures. ii

List of Tables. ii

1       Introduction. 1

2       Literature Study. 2

3       Methodology. 3

4       Results. 4

5       Discussion. 5

6       Conclusion. 6

7       Recommendations. 7

8       Reflective Account 8

8.1        Project Management Approach. 8

8.2        Professional Development 8

8.3        Communication Approach. 8

Impact of COVID.. 9

References. 10

Appendix A.     Project Management Records. 11

Project Management Record. 11

Final Gantt Chart 11

Ethics Approval 11

Appendix B.      Additional information. 12

Appendix C.     Additional Information. 13



List of Figures

Figure 1:  Some title here. 1



List of Tables

Table 1:  Some title here. 1

1       Introduction

This section could start with what’s presented in your planning document.  However, it needs to be more focused, and with greater depth.

This is an example of a figure (Figure 1):

Figure 1:  Some title here

This is an example of a table (Table 1):

Table 1:  Some title here

2       Literature Study

This section could start with what’s presented in your planning document.  However, it needs to be more focused, and with greater depth.


3       Methodology

This part can share some similarities with your planning document, providing what’s been planned have mostly been conducted.  But this is also an opportunity to improve (which is expected), making it more focused.


4       Results

Present the results of the study in a well-structured and coherent manner with in-depth analysis, advanced forms of presentation critically used to good effect.


5       Discussion

In this section, expand from your obtained results to:

  • Discuss your project outcomes
  • Justification of how they were reached.
  • Consideration of how the project outcomes were shown to be valid (at what condition/situation/environment etc.)
  • Summarize your contributions (improvements/validation in theory, experimental, concept generation, design optimization, feasibility etc.) and acknowledge current limitations of them.

This needs to be done in a structured and coherent approach, showing hierarchy (e.g. major findings, minor findings, etc.)




6       Conclusion

Review your project by summarize the relationship between the outcomes in section 5 and the aim & objectives. 

Consideration of how the project outcomes indicate the potential for future work, justified by results discussion.

Valuable and insightful further work suggested with key technical details presented, supported and justifiable by the project conclusion.

7       Recommendations

Make recommendations for further work.


8       Reflective Account

Add a reflective account describing your development and experiences gained during the project.  From a project management and stakeholder engagement perspective: what worked well, what was problematic and how would you improve your performance in your next project ?

Suggested sub-headings are:

8.1      Project Management Approach


8.2      Professional Development

What professional skills did you develop and gain during the project ?

8.3      Communication Approach

How have you communicated your project results and findings to your sponsoring company/organisation ?

Assessment Component 3 Word count = XXXX

Impact of COVID


A FULL list of references – you can use Zotero, Endnote, Mendeley ect. to help you with this.

  • Project Management Records

Project Management Record

Meeting record (Attendance) sheet.


Final Gantt Chart

Showing your completed, final project activities – need to agree with, and help reflecting the structure of what’s in your final report.

Ethics Approval

Include scan of Ethics Online ‘Approval’ email

  • Additional information

You may want to include other appendices for your project report.

  • Additional Information

You may want to include other appendices for your project report.

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