IT332-4: Assess data communication and networking options

IT332-4: Assess data communication and networking options for a computer system.


The main focus of this assignment is performance factors and system implementations of clustering systems for a local area network (LAN) and a wide area network (WAN). Identifying the communication protocols of the OSI model can help network administrators plan and improve network performance and troubleshoot and avert errors that could take place during data transmission in a clustered system.

Assignment Instructions

Create a PowerPoint presentation of at least three slides that depict a cluster system connected over a LAN (local area network) and a WAN (wide area network). Include in the presentation each layer of the OSI model and clearly depict the communication protocols and devices that operate at each layer. Ensure that the following are represented in the presentation:

  • A cluster where the systems are connected over a LAN.
  • A cluster where the systems are connected over a WAN.
  • In the diagram, provide a depiction of communication protocols and devices used at each layer of the OSI model.

Drawings may be performed using a presentation tool or exported from Microsoft Visio or Apache OpenOffice Draw.

Assignment Requirements

Be sure to use the appropriate APA format and cite your textbook or other sources that you used in your presentation.

The presentation should contain sufficient information to adequately answer the questions and contain no spelling, grammar, or APA errors. Points deducted from the grade for each writing, spelling, or grammar error are at your instructor’s discretion.

For assistance with APA requirements, please go to Academic Writer. You will find the link in the Academic Tools section of the course.

Also, review the university policy on plagiarism. If you have any questions, please contact your professor.

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