Fleet Maintenance Records| Fleet Management

The potential employer would like you to conduct an analysis of data and then summarize your findings using clear language for a nontechnical audience. They have provided you with a data set called Fleet Maintenance Records to base your report on for the interview. They have asked you to identify relevant themes that can be used to help them manage their fleet of trucks. In preparation for your interview, an example summary of the analysis you conducted that you would use to communicate the findings to stakeholders. Place the deliverables for your instructor and the potential employer in the Analysis and Summary Template.

-Analyze the data you’ve been provided to identify themes. Guiding information to gather:
-Review part-replacement frequencies and types and an hypothesis that can be used by the fleet management team to better deal with vehicle maintenance. You’ll need to an table called Parts Maintenance and load the data into it. Put this table in the database named after yourself. Load this data set from the ‘/home/codio/workspace’ path and run queries to find the results.I’m having trouble creating the table to load the data set into. How do I create the `Parts Maintenance` table so that I can load the csv file into it?

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