Social, Cultural, and Economic Capital

Social, Cultural, and Economic Capital

Explain the concepts of social, cultural, and economic capital by applying them to your life. Use pages 110- 112 from Chapter 5 in “Discovering Sociology”. You should also use concepts from the slides Social Stratification and Stereotypes. Consider yourself in the context of an organization, such as a workplace, future career or other group or organization which is important to you.

Explain how your social, cultural, and economic capital helps or hinders you in that organization.

1. Explain yourself in terms of the three types of capital. What types of capital do you possess and in what ways or amounts? (6 points)

2. Explain your organization. What characteristics are needed to be valued by that organization or in a specific role within it? (2 points)

3. Evaluate your capital against what the organization values. Do you possess the skills needed to succeed in the role you occupy or want to occupy in the future? (2 points)

4. Conclusion. Can you improve your capital to fit in the organization or profession? Do you need to change occupations or plans? Does society need to change to be more inclusive and value some types of capital more? (2 points) Note: Points will be deducted for errors in grammar, punctuation, syntax, or writing style.

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