Mental Health Care Nurse on veterans

Table of Contents

Question 1

Explain the impact that the mental health care nurse may have on veterans with mental health issues with regards to patient outcomes.

  • Locate at least one resource that describes a CAM option that would be helpful for a veteran with mental health issues and explain why this option is appropriate.

Question 2

Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner- interest in Palliative

care, Oncology, Death with dignity, and hospice as an Advanced Practice Nurse. Please see post below to cover these topics and remainder of post.
Post a brief introduction of yourself including your professional interests and explain why these topics interest you. Your post should include how the ANA guidelines, competencies, and code of ethics address these issues and topics.

Also include a brief explanation about the differences in roles related to Certified Professional Mid-Wife (CPM), Certified Nurse Mid-wife (CNM), Certified Mid-Wives (non-nurse who follows same criteria as a CNM, CM, APR-Ns, and PAs) and how each of these roles might impact the way you work. Be specific and provide examples.

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