Gynecologic Health History

Table of Contents

Question 1

Describe the components of a complete gynecologic health history. Include considerations for special populations such as LGBTQ+ individuals.

What health maintenance guidelines should be included for initial and follow up might be needed for follow-up assessments? (i.e., bone density test, Gardasil vaccine, shingles, etc.)?

What questions would you consider in your patient’s assessment? For example

What is your patient’s living situation?

Do they have stairs?

Do they live by themselves?

Do they have a working refrigerator?

Create a script for building a health history and use the Health History Template for guidance (consider the type of language you would use to help your patient be more comfortable). As you create a script, consider the difficult questions you want to include in your script.

Question 2

A key point of A Model of Care Based on a Feminist Perspective is:

a. Men and women are equal

b. The role of provider is to provide support, and participate in shared decision-making

c. The medical care of women should be the same of their male counterparts

d. The focus of care for women should focus on doing for women

Osteoporosis is commonly found in older women who are:

a. obese and small frame

b. thin and small frame

c. African American women

d. Hispanic women

The ________ is probably the most widely used intimate partner violence (IPV) screen.

a. Hurt, Insult, Threaten, Scream

b. Campbell’s Danger Assessment (2003)

c. Sheridan’s HARASS Instrument

d. Helton’s nine-question AAS

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