Identify a theory-Florence Nightingale Theory

Question 1: Caring for a Client

You are caring for a client from China. He denies a complaint of pain.

You notice he is splinting and guarding his right side when he moves. He is grimacing and his jaw is clenched. You note he is frequently repositioning himself in the chair and you occasionally hear him grunt with the effort. What could you derive from your observations and what should you do?

Question 2: Florence Nightingale, Environmental theory

Identify a theory that uses a concept of interest to you that can be applied in research and nursing practice (clinical, education, or administration). This is a professional paper in which headings, full sentences, paragraphs, correct grammar and punctuation, and correct citation of sources are required.
The theory you select will be the same theory used for each assignment in the future modules.
Theory Description: Florence Nightingale

Provide a brief description of the theory using an original source or as close to the original source as possible.  Include a brief discussion of the origins of the theory and the scope/level (grand, middle range, practice/situation specific) of the theory. Identify the major concepts of the theory and discuss how they are related (propositions). Pick two of the concepts, including your concept of interest, and state theoretical definitions of these concepts.

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