Resume & Cover Letter

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Resume & Cover Letter

The purpose of this assignment is to create a resume and a cover letter that can be used to effectively present someone to potential employers.

Using the key elements of branding and brand management, such as purpose, positioning, promise, personality and values, and brand expression, construct a one-page resume and a one-page cover letter that capitalize on a type of person that is unique enough to sell to potential employers. Ensure that the resume and cover letter accomplish the following:

  1. Highlight skills, abilities, qualifications, and experience relevant to the position.
  2. Utilize appropriate keywords relevant to the position.
  3. Utilize a clear, easy to read font.
  4. Are free of spelling and grammatical errors.
  5. Demonstrate key elements of branding.

* The occupation and position that is being applied for is your choice.

Cover letter examples:

Resume example:

APA style is required, solid academic writing is expected.

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