Meaningful Use Justification

Meaningful Use Justification.

Your Instructor will assign you to a group of three or four students during week 2 of the course. The groups will organize themselves and work together to identify the relevant agencies (at least two or three) that will impact meaningful use of electronic records and quality in hospitals. The group will research and list the key regulations concerned with meaningful use compliance and reimbursement. One power point presentation will be submitted by each group. Please select one group member to submit the assignment on behalf of the team. It is expected that this assignment can be completed in 5–7 slides (this includes the cover slide and reference slide). The Power Point will account for 17.0% of the each student’s final grade. A peer assessment will also be required and will be submitted by each member of the group at the same time that the presentation is due. The peer assessment will account for 3% of the student’s final grade or 15% of the grade for the project.

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