Fox the Flattering Florist has six locations


Fox the Flattering Florist has six  locations in Global Springfield and has done well since opening in 2012.  There are four employees in each store, and at this time, they sell cut  flowers and potted plants, but not much else. In bad economic times,  fewer people buy flowers, and the perishable nature of the product has  owner Florida Fox concerned. While she wants to continue in the floral  business, it seems the right time to expand. She has asked for a meeting  to discuss ideas, and each store will send one employee to this  meeting.

Research online to learn about command, consult, vote, and consensus decision-making methods. Choose one of these methods you feel would work well with this scenario.

For the initial post:

  • In a first paragraph, describe the method and provide its pros and cons. Cite the information using APA 7th edition guidelines.
  • In a second paragraph, explain why you feel this would be  appropriate for the scenario and share suggestions for managing the  meeting itself. Write this from experience and critical thinking, not  from source material.
  • Provide a full APA 7th edition reference entry at the bottom of the post.
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