Realistic Job Preview Case

Read the case “Realistic Job Preview Case” and answer the following question:

– Consider this following statement: “The manager emphasized the costs to the
company of this turnover and stressed that it was not for him an issue of keeping
women out of this job, just that statistically, as a group, women had not worked
out”. Based on your understanding, do you think the firm is still guilty of

-If you think they are guilty, which form of discrimination it is – disparate treatment,
disparate impact, or reasonable accommodation? Why?

-If you think they are not guilty, please also explain why you think that is the case.

-Consider whether the firm was guilty of disparate treatment, disparate impact,  or reasonable
accommodation. Regardless of whether you think they are guilty or not, you need to provide
reasoning/explanations for all three forms of discrimination.
– The firm was (or was not) guilty of disparate treatment because…
– The firm was (or was not) guilty of disparate impact because…
– The firm was (or was not) guilty of not providing reasonable accommodation because…

Hint: review the “screenshot” that shows the Comparison of Discrimination Theories

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