Training and Disaster Preparedness Emergency management

Training and Disaster Preparedness Emergency management and emergency preparedness require the careful coordination of multiple resources in response to various events.

Often these resources are human resources and their knowledge of disaster preparedness, emergency management, and other aspects of preparedness is minimal. As an emergency management professional, it is your job to educate others about emergency management and disaster preparedness. As a new hospital emergency preparedness coordinator, one of your roles is to develop training programs. In your initial response to this discussion discuss the following:

What are the best methods to train all the employees of the hospital? Should there be live training, computer based training, online training, books, or a blended approach?

Who will provide the training and how will you provide time for the staff members to take the training without incurring massive overtime or affecting clinical duties?

What are the financial impacts of providing the training or failing to provide the training?

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