Case Summary of Tim a violent sex offender

  • Consider the case summary of Tim, a violent sex offender living across the street from an elementary school:
    • Adult male, 22 years old, convicted of sexually assaulting an adult female
    • During the sexual assault, the victim’s arm was broken, her skull was lacerated, and she suffered numerous cuts and bruises.
    • Implicated in several other sexual assault cases, including a 15-year-old female
    • Has an extensive history of juvenile crime, including violent offenses
    • Was compliant on probation as a juvenile, but has never had community supervision as an adult
    • Has no narcotic or other substance offenses but has tested positive previously for THC (marijuana)
    • Has a GED and full-time job as a plumber apprentice
    • Has a live-in female partner with no legal history
    • Immediate family members consisting of mother and two sisters with no legal history live in the community
    • Was rated by a forensic psychology professional as a moderate risk to the community for sex and other offenses
    • _____________________
      A response that summarizes your recommendation of either civil commitment or community supervision and your rationale based on scholarly literature. Be sure to do the following:
  • Recommend that the violent sex offender in the case summary either undergo civil commitment or be placed in the community under supervision. Explain your recommendation in terms of ethical considerations, legal and clinical data about the violent sex offender in the case summary, and the needs of the community.
  • Base your recommendations on scholarly literature about ethical guidelines, civil commitment of violent sexual offenders, community supervision, features of the offender’s legal and clinical history, and the needs of the community.

Plus, address one of the following four bullet points in your post:

  • Using the case provided as an example, briefly summarize relevant case law pertaining to civil commitment of violent sexual offenders.
  • Describe at least one ethical guideline that the forensic psychology professional needs to take into account when making decisions about violent sex offenders that pertain to potentially restricting someone’s freedom.
  • Briefly describe relevant issues and research pertaining to the needs of the community and the needs of the offender when there’s a history of violent sexual offenses.
  • Explain the role of social change when pondering decisions about recommendations for violent sex offenders and members of their community that weigh the needs of the community versus those of violent sex offenders.
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